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We love teaching our Lash and Brow treatment training day which includes tinting and eye brow shaping, we especially like to show how essential it is to never perform this treatment unless you have done a patch test. Safety is always first and hygiene of course is priority. We recently started offering Threading and Hi Def brows as this really is the fashion and it is very popular. we also offer Eye Lash Extension training courses. All our courses are fully accredited so you can get insurance and work professionally. the next course for eye lash and brow tinting and eye brow shaping is on Sunday 13th November 2016. If you wanted to attend the course it is in Bristol starting at 10am until 2.30pm. You will receive a training manual and support on the course and when you go home, all tutors are happy for you to get in touch if you need anything or need any reassurance. The eye lash and brow treatment course is ideal for beginners and anyone that needs to do the course to receive a certificate so they can do these treatments professionally and get insurance.

Jane Vickers tutor and principlal of Bristol Beauty School has been in the industry for 30 years, and is experiencing more than ever hearing how people are having tinting without having a patch test. “its shocking therapists would give a tinting treatment without performing a patch test” you only have to look on social media to see horrific photos of people who have had a reaction to the tinting without having a test done beforehand.

It is good practice not to wear contact lenses while having eye lash tinting. the client should be advised to bring along their glasses or bring there soaking solution for their lenses. it is also good practice to have a full consultation checking the client does not have any allergies to any products. After care must always be given to clients no matter if it is their first treatment or hundred.

On the positive having tinting done on lashes or brows enhances the look making the lashes look longer and thicker and brows look more defined. shaping and tinting brows and make people look younger and eyes look bigger. on our training day students love seeing how great their lashes and brows look and this is fantastic as this enables them to feel what clients will be feeling and experiencing how you feel having the treatment performed is all a part of the learning process. We would never allow any students to have tinting unless they had a patch test, this is the same for our Eye Lash Extensions training course.

Our tutor Jane Vickers, her top advise is always wash your hands before and after your client and ensure tinting or any lash or brow treatments are done safety and it is a massive must to patch test.

Book now for the course on Sunday 13th November only £99 for the Eye Lash and Brow training course including tinting and shaping,  we also offer threading courses and Hi Def brow courses. Please have a look o the website for more detials www.bristolbeautyschool.co.uk

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