How to choose the best makeup course

How to choose the best makeup course

choosing the best makeup courseChoosing the best makeup course that offers professional training, allowing you to take your first steps to becoming a makeup artist, can be tricky.

Firstly, look for makeup tutors with years of experience in the makeup industry.

As well as being highly skilled make up artists they will share and show all the tricks in the trade.

Look for a makeup tutor who is passionate about what they do.

If you have a good teacher that loves what they do and is still excited about their work you learn more and feel inspired.

High makeup course prices does not always equal the best makeup course quality.

Have you seen flashy websites with high prices that lead you to feeling that you should be taking a makeup course that is out of your budget? Remember to ask these companies some key questions:

  1. How long have the tutors been in the industry?
  2. How long have they been teaching?
  3.  Do they have teaching certificates and accreditation for courses?

This will enable you to see if you are spending your money wisely.

At Bristol Beauty School, we offer you the chance to speak with your tutors before the makeup course to ask them anything you want before choosing the best makeup course for you. We  believe you must be comfortable and feel that you have support whenever you need it while taking your training. We are here to help and we love doing that.

Our specialist area at Bristol Beauty School is Fashion and Bridal Makeup and advanced skills in Photographic Makeup training. The school is well established and tutors have been in the makeup industry over 20 years.

Jo Peters is the main tutor for the Fashion and Bridal Makeup course and the Photographic Makeup course and the Vintage Makeup one too. Jo is passionate and borderline obsessive about makeup!

She has 20 year’s experience in the industry and is qualified in fashion and theatrical makeup. Baby bump painting is her speciality. Jo has a wealth of experience and finds it a massive joy to show her skills to others. You must read Bristol Beauty School Facebook reviews to see how much positive and outstanding reviews we get after Jo Peter’s Fashion and Bridal Make up course.

We love what we do and we love to help you gain skills for life. Get in touch we would really like to hear from you and see if any of our courses would benefit you.

In summary,  the main things to think about when choosing the best makeup course for you;

  • Tutor experience in the industry
  • Good teaching skills and a history of tutoring
  • Accreditations, certificates that enable you to work professionally
  • Reviews and what people say
  • Well established training school


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