Meet our students

Meet our students

We are so proud of our students and this is just one of our amazing therapists, let me introduce this gorgeous warm lady.

my name is Melissa. For over three years now I have been passionately and enthusiastically running my own therapy business ‘Melissa’s Mobile Therapy’.
To say I love my job is actually an understatement!
my training in Body Massage and manicure and Pedicure has been at Bristol Beauty School taken by the wonderful Jane. Jane is truly outstanding at what she does. She is highly professional, knowledgeable and skilled in what she teaches and always in such an inspired and personable way!

This training spring boarded me into the varied business I now run.
I have regular sessions in care homes where I have the absolute privilege of working with the elderly and people with dementia. Running group pamper massage sessions, as well as individual treatments in their rooms, providing a variety of mani’s, pedi’s, facials, Indian Head massages and back massages.
The power of touch is priceless.

I also run ladies parties, take treatments to people in their own houses, and provide many treatments now from my own home.
I’m so thankful to be booked up at least four months in advance.
I also provide VIP packages for people who pay monthly by direct debit and have a treatment every month, plus I offer vouchers, and bespoke packages for family members or friends to have treatments together.

My strap line is ‘Professional and Personalised’. I have been very inspired by Jane in the importance of professionalism.
I always give my clients time before and after each treatment to talk & offload etc. I feel this makes a big difference to the holistic treatments I provide.
Every single day I work, I thank God for allowing me the honour and privilege of touching many lives, of such a variety of age, culture and life circumstances! To book a treatment with Melissa

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